Practice Areas

Many attorneys work only as transactional attorneys or only as litigators.  This can result in a narrow legal frame of reference.  Hop Law’s team of Minneapolis alcohol distribution attorneys do both transactional work and litigation.  Not only does this mean we are experienced in resolving disputes in litigation, arbitration, or mediation, but we view our transactional work with an eye on litigation.  By dealing with things that go wrong on the litigation side, we know what to be cautious about when doing transactional work.

We know that with our courtroom experience, we’re better prepared to represent our clients in other legal matters.  If conflict arises, however, we’re ready and willing to do what needs to be done to protect our clients’ interests.

Business Formation & Regulatory Work

We work with clients to meet their objectives when forming businesses.  We do not have one single template operating agreement but work with our clients to determine how they want their business structured.  This customized approach leaves clients happy, protected, and with a more complete understanding of their businesses.

With respect to regulatory work, the liquor industry is one of the most complex and varied, with federal regulations, as well as each state having its own distinct requirements and regulations.  Our highly-adept alcohol distribution attorneys in Minnesota have successfully helped clients navigate these regulations around the country.  We take a pro-active approach to regulatory issues – we find out what our client’s goal is and work to figure out how to accomplish that goal within the applicable regulatory framework.  We also do our best to avoid risk in tricky situations by discussing with the relevant state agency what our plan is and why we think it is legal and feasible.  We do not leave it up to chance because we want certainty for our clients, and we do our best to obtain that certainty whenever possible.

Practice Areas

Business Formation & Regulatory Work

Forming a new brewery or distillery is an exciting venture. At Hop Law, one of our lawyers actually started a brewery. Our real-world knowledge combined with our legal experience makes us uniquely qualified to serve clients who need help with business formation, operations, distribution, licensing and litigation.


What happens when someone else starts using your name? What about when you need to end a relationship with a distributor? Conflict is sometimes unavoidable in the business world. In situations like these when much is at stake, it is important to have a knowledgeable attorney who is familiar with your industry and the litigation process on your side.

Trademark & Copyright

Many of our clients come to us when they are ready to register their brand names, logos, beer names and labels. Others are dealing with disputes involving trademarks and copyrights. From registration to litigation, our lawyers provide a full range of intellectual property representation for breweries, distilleries, distributors and other businesses in the beer and liquor industry.

Contract Review & Negotiations

Building strong relationships with other businesses, suppliers, and manufacturers is essential for setting up your company for future success. With the right contract in hand, both parties can achieve desired results. Let our experienced Minneapolis beer and alcohol distribution attorneys help create, review, and finalize your contracts so you can take your business to the next level.


Are you ready to start your brewery or distillery, but missing the capital to actually make it happen? Do you know if your company will be an LLC or an S Corporation? The attorneys at Hop Law can help you determine the best business structure for your business, find motivated investors, and ensure your compliance of state and federal securities laws.

Licensing & Permitting

Alcohol manufacturing and commerce is easily one of the most closely regulated industries in the United States, which means getting the necessary licenses and permits to legally run your business can get complicated. With our depth of statutory knowledge and familiarity with regulatory groups, we’ll get you through the legal minefield to the right licenses for your brewery or distillery.

Lease Negotiations

From the perfect neighborhood location to that stainless steel fermenter you’ve had your eye on, Hop Law can help you negotiate the lease to make your dream come to life. We’ll help you find the right kind of lease and make sure you understand the terms to the fullest extent so you can comfortably move forward in creating your distillery or producing your hallmark brew.

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