Representing Brewers and Distillers, Thirty-Eighth Annual Forum on Franchising: Solo and Small Firm Breakfast

Sep. 15, 2016

Hop Law presented to a group of lawyers practicing at solo and small law firms about our brewery, distillery, and winery practice.  We discussed how focusing on an area of law and a specific industry that we are passionate about has made this practice easy to work for – not because the work is easy, but because we actually enjoy it.

We also talked about some of the things that make it easier for a small firm to pivot into a new practice area.  First, we are a small firm and our rates are lower than most large firm attorneys.  Second, we happen to have the CEO of a brewery, Evan Sallee, working with us, and he has been in the position of our clients before so he knows what our clients need.  Finally, we are able to have fun with our marketing.  We taste beers and tweet about them and we write blog posts that deal with news in the alcohol industry.