We Help Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries Thrive

At Hop Law, our passion for beer, wine/cider, and distilled spirits drives our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals. Our team of Minneapolis craft beer attorneys serve more than just microbreweries, we provide legal services for alcohol producers, distributors, and related retailers.

We help breweries and distilleries thrive. Our mission is to strengthen local economies and put quality products into the hands of discerning consumers.

Whether your brewery, distillery, winery, or related business is located in Minnesota, Wisconsin or anywhere throughout the Midwest or the nation, our attorneys can help you navigate all of the legal issues involved in doing business in your unique industry.

Industry-Specific Legal Representation

Too many craft beer lawyers treat all businesses the same across all industries. At Hop Law, we understand the value of providing industry-specific legal counsel. Our background in franchise litigation has thoroughly prepared us to serve the brewery and distillery industries through our work related to distribution issues, business formation, trademark matters, and dispute resolution. Let us join you for a pint and discuss how we can put our experience to work for you.

We offer comprehensive representation for all matters that may arise throughout the lifecycle of your business, including:

On-Site Consultations

Because we are lawyers who like beer, wine/cider, and craft spirits, we love to visit breweries, wineries, and distilleries. We believe the most effective way to assess your needs is by speaking with you in person and observing your operations in action. If you are starting a new brewery, winery, distillery, or distribution or retail business, our alcohol and craft beer lawyers are happy to meet with you at a convenient location of your choice.

Because we are business people ourselves, we know that keeping a low overhead is essential. We offer a great value at a very reasonable cost.  Our clients receive high-quality representation typically only found with in-house counsel.

Call 612-259-4800 to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney at Hop Law, or contact us online for a prompt response.

“We were faced with a very difficult and sensitive situation. Elliot and Hop Law aided us every step of the way and found the best outcome for all parties involved. Hop Law listens to your needs, has access to resources to ensure all of your questions are answered, and they do not nickel and dime you through the process.”

Jesse Hauf – Owner/Head Brewer, 10K Brewing

“Elliot’s a really thoughtful guy. He’s smart. He thinks of a lot of different angles. He’s someone I trust and I take his recommendations seriously.”

Jim Watkins – Co-Founder, Sociable Cider Werks

“Elliot and the whole team at Hop Law have been great to work with. Their experience and advice has made the process of starting our brewery business as smooth as one could expect in such a highly regulated industry.”

Caleb Levar and Levi Loesch – Co-Founders, Oakhold Brewery

“Elliot and the Hop Law team have provided excellent and responsive service.  Hop Law has helped us every step of the way, finding creative and cost-effective solutions to any problems or issues we encounter.  The attorneys’ knowledge, experience, and interest in this industry is clear.  Not only do they work hard for us, but they seem to genuinely enjoy it.  It helps having a team that knows about the kinds of issues we face as a business generally, and in the alcohol industry specifically.”

Brad Rolfs – Founder, Studio Distilling

“I’ve worked with Garner & Ginsburg since my partners and I founded Old Line Spirits in 2014.  I couldn’t ask for more skilled, responsive and fair partners for our business.  It has genuinely been a pleasure to work with the G&G team and I’m looking forward to growing this relationship for many more years!”

Mark McLaughlin – Co-Founder, Old Line Spirits


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